FeedAPI PHP Filter

Just released new Drupal module - FeedAPI PHP Filter. This module is add-on for FeedAPI Item Filter, implementing hook hook_feedapi_itemfilter().

This module creates new item filter to run custom PHP code on already parsed $feed object. This useful in cases when you need pre-process feed before importing it into nodes. For example, you may want to remove some text from feed item's description or fix relative image paths, etc.

Finally obtained CVS account

Finally I was able to get CVS account on to submit my own modules.

This time I was able to fix all issues with new module Time Limit and finally got approval to upload it to CVS.

This module was developed while working on client's site who wanted to keep site freely available for user only for limited time. So basically, anyone who wants to show site content for some limited time and then force users to register - could use this module.