Working around broken nested NPM dependencies in old project

Recently I had to re-deploy an old Node.js project, which still runs node.js v0.10.x (it is pointless to upgrade it, a whole new project will replace it soon).

What I found is that quite a few nested dependencies ended up not working with Node.js v0.10 (it was a long chain of dependencies, each linking to a "too new" version of their dependencies due to not an optimal semver)

Scalling app deployed to Dokku

I am trying various open source PaaS based on Docker and so far the easiest one is Dokku.

The problem with Dokku is that it does not manage scaling of your app by launching more containers with yours application. You can install third-party plugins, which will start multiple processes inside single docker container, but this doesn't work well for web apps listening on one port. And I could not find how to leverage SO_REUSEPORT in Express.js app.