Importing big MS Access legacy DB into Drupal nodes

Sometimes I need to move old data from a client's legacy site. Last time it was MS Access.. 96 Mb of CVS data =)

Here is how I managed to import all of this:

1) First thing I did - I imported CSV files as tables into the same DB which the Drupal site uses. This would simplify working with it and in case something would be forgotten you could always import this back. And once you are sure that all data is in place - just dump the imported tables.

Drupal and SEO Links

While developing sites for web marketing company Leads You, I've developed SEO Links module. Its main purpose is to provide ability for centralized creating links with keywords. It work next way - you define list of keywords, URLs for these keywords and from now all node's content passed through SEO Links filter will be processed so all keywords will be replaced with links to appropriate site.

After you define new keywords:

Google Maps APIs & Drupal

On of our latest interesting project was Vancouver’s Business Guide with Reviews. This is directory of businesses in Canada (right now owner filling Vancouver part of it).

The different thing was integration of Google Maps APIs. Client wanted to show new listings and reviews on map on the front page. Also he wanted to show search results on map when searching by category & location.