Apr 28

How to Setup and Use Google AdSense

By Matthew Leeds

Google AdSense is a very useful and popular service from Google which displays targeted advertising, either text or graphical, on your website. Advertisers pay based both on the number of views an ad receives, called “impressions” and based on the number of actual clicks, with varying rates.

Google keeps 32% of the revenue and passes on the rest to you, the publisher. AdSense has many advantages over directly connecting with advertisers; mostly that Google does all the work for you. Google finds appropriate advertisers and works with them so you can focus on your content. This way the process is painless, requiring only a Google account and five minutes of setup.

One disadvantage of using AdSense is that you’re losing 32% of the advertising profit to maintain their system, and that you have little control over the content of the advertisements. In addition, the advertisements are so popular that they are recognizable and therefore easily ignored. Many content producers believe that its advantages outweigh the weaknesses and successfully generate revenue using the service.

In order to start using AdSense, you must set up and activate an AdSense account at adsense.google.com by clicking “Sign Up Now.” Google will walk you through the account creation process and choosing the right type of advertising. At the finish, Google will give you HTML code for the advertisement which you can embed anywhere on your site. Make sure the site is owned by you, provides a legitimate service or content, and accessible to the public.

When you embed the code into your site, make sure to choose a location which doesn’t interfere with the flow of your content; statistically it should be near the center or a banner on the left. As my final advice, remember that while you will find endless tips or tricks to “optimize” your ad revenue, at the end of the day, the success of Google AdSense depends directly on the amount of traffic you bring, so focus on creating quality content.

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