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20 Masterful Digitally Painted Celebrity Portraits

Mon, 07/13/2009 - 01:54 — julie

Digital painting is becoming increasingly recognized as a respectable art form, and given the skills required, it’s easy to see why. Many digital paintings, as with traditional paintings can appear amateurish if constructed poorly. However, with a lot of a skill and a graphics tablet, a great artist can produce true works of art.

Despite the use of ‘layers’ in Photoshop, or equivalent software, digital painting is very similar to painting with oils or acrylics. It is simply the building up of colors. Often if a color is slightly off, digital painters will instead of delete a layer or brush stroke, simply continue painting over it, and adding more colors. One benefit of digital painting is that artists can choose from an absolutely huge variety of brushes, and even add in ready-made textures to their work.

I’ve hand selected 20 incredible daily paintings of celebrities for you to examine truly masterful work. I hope that these works will inspire you, and I strongly encourage you to go and check out these artist’s other works.

20 Masterful Celebrity Portraits

(artists portfolio)

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