January 2014

Jan 31

20 Amazing Surreal Photoshop Tutorials

Fri, 01/31/2014 - 22:41 — julie

Surrealism has been and still is a popular style within traditional art, and has also become popular within the digital community. Digital art is great for creating surreal art. With the help of Photoshop you can totally manipulate elements and create amazing alternate realities.

In this article, we selected 20 simply amazing surreal Photoshop tutorials. These tutorials will teach you the basic techniques and much more, in order to create beautiful, surreal images. Here they are. Which one is the best, in your opinion?

Drama in Venice

This is a Photoshop masking & montage tutorial, that teaches you how to use masks to improve landscape images. You can download the images needed to work along with this tutorial.


Jan 30

Meet Henk: Your New Design Role Model

Thu, 01/30/2014 - 23:47 — julie

Well hey there PSDFANs!

Today I’m going to introduce a PSDFAN community member to you who is doing seriously special things with his creative work. Prepare to be blown away.

Henk has been with us for a couple of months now, but after just 3 short weeks he was creating Photoshop work that I wasn’t capable of making for years! You’re going to love this story if:

  • You’re trying to improve your design work, but can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel
  • You aren’t sure if you’re capable of creating awesome designs
  • You don’t know exactly how to create better work in Photoshop
  • You like badass guys who break up fights and protect the innocent

Let Me Introduce Henk

Here’s a picture of Henk. He just turned 27, and is based in the Netherlands. He also has an ex military background and his name isn’t to be confused with ‘Hank’ (which I was guilty of at first!).


Jan 30

Best Of Web And Design In January 2014

Thu, 01/30/2014 - 03:00 — julie

The first month of the year has been a great to the year, with a ton of new design blogs emerging. A great collection of some certainly outstanding web and design articles certainly worth reading through.


Jan 27

Responsive Ghost Themes – 20 Beautiful Ones

Mon, 01/27/2014 - 16:16 — julie

WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, all of three of them are very popular CMS blog platforms available today, but a new popular one appeared and it’s called Ghost. Ghost is getting more and more popular and lots of themes and templates have appeared for it, both free and premium.

If you don’t know yet, Ghost is a platform dedicated to publishing. It has a nice design and it is very easy to customize. Today, we selected 20 beautiful and responsive Ghost themes for you to check out! If you want a high quality, premium blog theme, this is the list!


Delicious is a fully responsive Ghost theme for food bloggers. With your meals on focus, it is the perfect theme to show off your cooking skills and amazing food photography!


Jan 27

The fastest way to add dummy text to your Photoshop design

Mon, 01/27/2014 - 03:00 — julie

This is very handy quick tip certainly worth knowing whether you’re a web designer or graphic designer. Its the fastest way to add dummy text to your design project whether its poster or a website. It’s great little trick to save some time when designing using Photoshop.

Tutorial Details:

Difficulty: Beginner

Tutorial estimation time: 2 minuets

Program: Photoshop


Jan 21

Photo Manipulate a Surreal Underground Scene with a Sleeping, Frozen Beauty

Tue, 01/21/2014 - 19:53 — julie

I know that the PSDFAN community loves photo manipulation. However, I recognise that it can be a tricky skill to learn.

Today’s tutorial breaks down some key photo manipulation techniques, such as blending, colouring, texture/brush application and many more!

You’ll learn how to create a lovely surreal image that’s sure to impressive your friends. It’s time to get icy and take your photo manip skills up a notch!

What You’ll Be Creating:

Here’s a look at the outcome you’ll be able to produce by the end of this lesson:


Jan 20

20 Free Photoshop PSD flat UI kits

Mon, 01/20/2014 - 03:00 — julie

The hottest web design trend at the moment is certainly flat web design avoiding some of the most common web design practices such as gradients, shadows, and simple avoiding any  sense of a three dimensional feel to the design. Its a great way to create a clean minimalistic design, whilst still incorporating colour into your website design.

This blog post features a great collection of free flat UI Photoshop PSD kits, which will lay down a great foundation for creating your very own flash website design.


Jan 10

Top 100 Graphic and Web Design Blogs of All Time

Fri, 01/10/2014 - 18:30 — julie

Inspiration is a MUST for designers and I’m sure that most of you follow several design inspiration blogs and galleries and read them on a daily basis. You have to stay updated and follow the design trends, in order to improve our work. The websites in this large list will help you stay inspired, improve your skills and become a successful designer.

Today, we prepared for you a HUGE list ot the best graphic and web design blogs of all time, according to our preferences. These are the best blogs you definitely should follow! From CSS galleries, tutorial websites and freebies, to design trends and news blogs, we’ve got it covered. Please note that the blogs on this list are not in ranking order, they are simply listed from 1 to 100.

Do you know other awesome graphic and web design blogs? Let us know it the comments below


Jan 08

Image Performance Tips For Authors

Wed, 01/08/2014 - 07:45 — julie

In this article we’ll give you some tips to help you improve the performance of your item and profile pages. It’s a well known fact that page load time is a vital part of maximising sales online. Google says it best:

Fast and optimised pages lead to higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversions.

The time it takes your Marketplace item, profile and live preview pages to load can have a direct and drastic impact on your sales. Here’s how to make the impact a positive one.


Jan 07

20 Adobe Illustrator Mascot Character Tutorials

Tue, 01/07/2014 - 21:46 — julie

These illustrations are great not only in drawings and digital cartoons, but they are also perfect as mascots/logos for companies. Mascots tend to remain in people’s minds because they are fun, look childish and represent the company’s personality . Cartoon characters are also used by different companies to create their brand mascot, as they seem to stay in their client’s minds and attract attention.

If you are an aspiring illustrator or you just want to improve your Adobe Illustrator skills, then these amazing vector cartoon tutorials will surely help you a lot! Some basic sketching skills are needed. These are easy to follow tutorials with comprehensive directions. You will gain some very useful skills after watching these!


Jan 07

Blend Multiple Images Better With the Edging Technique

Tue, 01/07/2014 - 21:28 — julie


As promised in my last post we’re taking a bold new direction this year, including weekly updates.

As well as publishing in depth written tutorials, I also want to bring you guys regular quick video tips, showing you some of the most effective techniques that I use in my own design work.

Today show you how to use the edging technique to improve the blending of your Photoshop work.

Let’s get into it!


Jan 02

A New Direction for PSDFAN

Thu, 01/02/2014 - 17:50 — julie

Hey there PSDFANs!

Today I’m excited, and honestly a little anxious, because I’m revealing some changes that will have a big impact upon this website, and I hope upon your development as a designer.

You see, now that we’re over 5 years old, it’s safe to say that PSDFAN has gone through some major phases in it’s lifetime.

What started as a hobby blog, quickly grew into a respected source for Photoshop tutorials and design information.

Along the way, we’ve continued to publish quality tutorials, but at times these have been drowned out, as we fell victim to the trend of ‘link bait’ articles (I’m sure you’re familiar with the ’50 greatest XYZ ever!’ style posts that have littered the design community).

A look through our archives and you’ll discover some of the types of posts that I’m least proud of having approved.


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