Jun 14

About Me

Hi, I’m Julie. Welcome to my blog!

Very short about myself. I’m a student at Stockholm University majoring in Web design and graphics. I’m just doing my second year here so I’m not a “design-guru” yet, but I’m slowly getting there :)

As you can guess, I’m very keen on all this web design stuff, all the gimmicks and widgets and my blog will be about this. I’m constantly searching for and finding some useful things, like web design tutorials online, and here I will be posting all the most interesting things I’ve found so far. Killer design labs, tips from the top professionals and simply some ABC’s of web design – you’ll find it all here. After all somebody’s got to start learning at some point. And I’ll be learning together with you. Hope you’ll find my blog not too boring. Anyway don’t judge too harsh, I’m just learning :)


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