Integrating wordpress into Drupal 7 site

So I had one plugin for Wordpress which I really wanted to use on one of my Drupal website. Naive approach was:

Installing AMDGPU drivers on Dell M7710 with AMD W5170m and running OpenCL without AMDGPU-PRO

I lost password for one of encrypted folders recently, but I remembered approximate "charset" of it and just wanted to try to bruteforce it. I have a W5170m GPU in my laptop, but since it is GCN 1.0 card - I had troubles adding OpenCL support necessary for any tool to bruteforce hashes on GPU. Below are steps to get it up and running.

Proof-of-Work security

I received email with question about my project . I decided to share my answer in hope this will help clarify usage of Proof-of-Work in general for security purposes, what it can and can't do.

New Project I Am Working On

Back in 2005 I was creating small websites in an attempt to capture traffic from Google search engine, and redirect visitors to various affiliate programs. This involved generating many small static websites on specific topics and uploading these to managed hosting. It worked relatively well until the product advertised by me was discontinued. At that point I had to go back and find every single URL to the old advertised product and switch those to a new one.

New features in Slic3r Dev

Always feeling like I am missing out on cool stuff, I am using Slic3r cloned straight from development GitHub repository -

Today I found couple new notable features added: 3D path preview and Infill/perimeter overlap setting.

My New February Resolution

I came up with funny resolution for this year for myself, but since it happened in February, so it is New February Resolution.

For next 365 days I want to have at least one smallest contribution back to open source community via GitHub - Be it opening issue, or closing PR request, or long awaited small documentation update. Ultimately, I want my dashboard become all shades of green.

New hobby

My 2014 Christmas started early with purchase of Lulzbot TAZ 4 3D printer. Already enjoying making some useful and not so much things.

So far i spent hours with Slic3r and Cura (I find Cura giving better prints out of the box), printed dozen of Tarot Gimbal bracket for IRIS+ drone and sold on eBay, learned basics of CAD in FreeCAD, OpenSCAD and Blender. Some of my original works:

Easy to make adapter allowing to use 3xAA batteries where D batteries are required:

How to price yourself?

This was a response to , decide to post it on my blog.

Simple approach which while took some time, did work great for me in long term:

Cloning typescript repo from codeplex

So trying to clone typescript repo from codeplex i am getting:

tasksel: aptitude failed (100)

So today I tried to swap some desktop packages and got not very helpful:

tasksel: aptitude failed (100)

Common solution if you google it is to run:

apt-get update

and fix whatever errors, if you get one. I guess most common would be missing GPG keys for some of repositories used. Another one would be to run:

apt-get -f install

to fix whatever broken packages are.

But in my case none of these helped. I found real reason why tasksel was failing by running it in test mode: